Why this site while so many cooking websites already exist?
Well, the answer is quite simple. I love cooking and love sharing my new findings with others! And there is of course a more complicated answer. So here we go:

If you have been at least slightly interested in cooking, finding recipes for a party and browsing through cooking magazines, you might have noticed that recipes often come in three categories:

1. Common and/or Traditional, such as recipes of well-known comfort foods or classical dishes (e.g. spaghetti bolognese, hamburgers, apple pies, fish’n'chips etc). This category also includes dishes with classical ingredient combinations, such as tomato-basil, apple-cinnamon and duck-orange to name a few.  It is all good if you have never done it before. But otherwise, where is the sparkle?

2. Extravagant with a long list of uncommon ingredients. Even if the list of uncommon ingredients is not too long, even if there is just one thing you have to get to make this recipe work, how often to you have time, energy and sufficient knowledge of its availability to go and get it? When a birthday party is approaching and I have big plans for surprising guests with a variety of delicious dishes and an entertainment program, I am just not looking forward running through specialized shops to find a bottle of dry marsala, icing mixture or panettone, pandoro or brioche. And do not get me wrong. Of course it is fun to discover and try out a new ingredient. But to me, these are much rarer occasions. What happens much more often is me wanting to organize a great party with home-made dishes which I still can shop for and cook in one go on Saturday. So I found myself focusing on this third category of dishes:

3. Creative and Delicious, based on unexpected combinations of simple ingredients, which you are likely to find in a supermarket.

Since I have been noticing already for a while that there are not enough dishes like that in any one particular cooking magazine or online, I feel I have made my case for this website deserving its existence. Here, I publish recipes of my own creation belonging to this creative and delicious category which will make your guests (hopefully!) remember your party. Occasionally, I will also publish recipes I have found elsewhere belonging to this category in my attempt to create one place where such recipes can be easily found. To ensure I am still on track, your comments are really welcome!

Many of the recipes on this website are inspired by my 15 years of cooking experience which includes influences from Eastern and Western Europe, research into new trends and tasting dishes from many countries I have visited. The great cooking art of my mother and grandmother ensured I grew up with high standards for tasty food everyday and for giving vibrant parties always accompanied by a full table of home-made delicacies. Moving to another country has brought me in contact with people from many different backgrounds, who during my student years in a student house, and afterwards during my first job in a multicultural research environment, brought me in touch with so many different cuisines. I am also very grateful to all my friends with whom I have shared my creations and who continuously inspire me to go further and try new things.

My husband is known for marrying me for my potato purée;-) which he still enjoys together with all the other dishes he has to try for the first time (for you to be safe ;-) ).

Thank you for your interest and I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I do!